December Dinners on the Porch

DOTP Menu for December 2016:

Main Meals 

$40, feeds 3-4 adults

New Texas Chili Verde
New Texas Chili Verde with Neese's Extra Sage Sausage 
Cheesy Cornbread
Chili Toppings: Lime, Green Onions, Sour Cream, Fritos

Korean Taco Dinner
Korean Chicken or Portobello Mushrooms
Flour Tortillas & Iceberg Lettuce Wraps
Jasmine Rice
Asian Slaw & Radish
Asian Dressing & Lime Wedges

Get You Through the Week Meals:
Frozen, entree portions for 4-6

Cowboy Meatballs & Mashed Potatoes $30

There's nothing my family likes more than meat & potatoes, and this dinner is right up their alley. Our Cowboy Meatballs are made with Grayson Farm all-natural beef, and "stuffed" with cheese and covered in a delicious, homemade BBQ sauce. They are big enough for cowboys, but your cowgirls will love them too! Served with hot, seasoned mashed potatoes, this is a stick-to-your ribs dinner that will be just the thing on a cold December night.

Company Shrimp & Grits ($20 small, $30 large)

For something a little more elegant - perhaps a celebration or a dinner with friends - our Company Shrimp & Grits is a DOTP favorite. The meal comes in two parts - the grits & the shrimp, so you can serve it as you like. The grits are rich and delicious, and the shrimp mix is flavorful with a light, lemon flavor. You'll love it - maybe even so much that you'll want company more often!

Homeland Creamery Eggnog French Toast Casserole $25

As busy as December can be, it's lovely to spend the cold weekend mornings bundled up in pjs, wrapping presents or making holiday cookies. And what goes better with cosy mornings than a warm, sweet breakfast casserole that will fill the house with delicious smells while it's baking. Stock up on these yummy casseroles while they last!

Winter Soups:  $12 per quart

Mamacita's Chicken Tortilla soup is a hearty, zesty soup that is amazing with lots of toppings or great on its own. Made with chicken, beans, veggies, tomatoes & broth, it's great on a cold Fall evening or for a light lunch.

Our Booyah BBQ Stew is another Porch favorite - this hearty, flavorful stew is similar to a Brunswick Stew, with loads of shredded smoked chicken, corn, beans. It's great paired with rice, cornbread, or solo with a little hot sauce.

The African Peanut Chicken & Rice Soup is one of my favorite meals of all! It's got just a touch of heat, but a rich, yummy flavor with lots of lovely chicken & rice. My kids love it as well - and that's saying something for a soup!

Our Chipotle Veggie Chili is spicy and loaded with veggies, corn & black beans. Serve it with rice and a little sour cream, or make your own rice bowl by adding all of your favorite toppings. 


  • Rio Grande Chicken Enchiladas Verdes with Mimi's Queso $25
  • Rio Grande Sweet Potato & Black Bean Enchiladas with Mimi's Queso $25
  • Enchiladas Rojas with Grayson Farms Beef, Enchilada Salsa & Mimi's Queso $30

Optional Add-ons:

Kids' Meal: Mini Chicken Burritos with Homemade Salsa $6
Three Amigos: Chips, Homemade Salsa, Guacamole and Mimi's Famous Chile con Queso  $10
Southwest Salad Pack: Bagged Romaine Lettuce, Veggies, Cheese, Tortilla Strips, Cilantro Ranch Dressing $10
Porch Cilantro Ranch Dressing $10 17 oz glass jar
Porch Vantastic Pimento Cheese $5

DOTP Details:

This year, we are excited to begin a partnership with Salem Delights, a great local company that has a similar delivery model to ours, except that they provide customized fresh produce and local food items in their weekly delivery.

Going forward, you will place your order with us, by email, and you'll receive an invoice from us on Monday evening, as usual. Even if you also will be receiving a Salem Delights produce box in addition to the DOTP meal, you will place your DOTP meal order with us.

  • Please place your order by 8 pm Sunday evening.
  • You will receive a confirmation from us as well as an invoice on Monday night.
  • Your delivery will arrive at your house before 6 pm on Tuesday in a Salem Delights cooler box.